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Regional Representatives

Regional Representative Role
  1. Serve as regional rep coordinator/liaison within region.

  2. Coordinate at a minimum of one meeting per year of your region.

  3. Disseminate information received from NASILC organization to your region.

  4. Represent your region at NASILC board meetings where you act as the voting representative for your region.​ 

    1. Board members must be current in membership

    2. Board members must be the representative of their State Independent Living Council

Selection of Regional Representatives

In the spirit of inclusivity and effective representation, we encourage members to identify suitable candidates for the role of Regional Representative, particularly in odd numbered regions and regions currently without representation. Prioritize individuals who are willing to embrace the responsibilities associated with this position. Once you have identified your nominee, the region will kindly inform both the general membership and current Regional Chair Representative, Carrie England, of your selection during that portion of the agenda during SILC Congress.

Showcasing Regional Achievements

NASILC values the incredible work happening across states and recognizes that time constraints prevent a detailed overview from each state. Therefore, we request each regional group to discuss and then to share one or two significant accomplishments or initiatives undertaken in the past year to share with the general membership. This concise approach will allow all regions to participate actively in the discussion. Each region will have 3-5 minutes (maximum) to present. This structured format will enable us to hear from 10 different regions about their accomplishments, celebrations, successes, and challenges over the past year in the allotted time. Your active participation in these processes will contribute to a dynamic and engagingness meeting. We look forward to hearing about the positive strides made in your region and sharing these successes with the wider membership. Thank you for your cooperation.

We will be adding the Region Rep guidebook soon. 

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