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Standing Committee Descriptions 

Finance – Chair - Sidna Trimmell
The finance committee is chaired by the treasurer. Tasked with oversight of budgeting, fiscal planning, and financial reporting, they analyze financial data to inform strategic decision-making. This committee develops and monitors budgets, evaluates investment opportunities, and recommends financial policies to the board. They also ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and ethical financial practices. By providing sound financial stewardship, they contribute to NASILC’s long-term stability and success. This committee works with the treasurer to develop an estimated SILC Congress budget. 
Memberships/Nominations – Chair – Mellie Adu
The Membership and Nominations Committee, comprising passionate individuals dedicated to the mission and purpose of NASILC, holds the responsibility of overseeing membership affairs and pinpointing potential leaders. Initially, the committee actively recruits new members from unrepresented states, aiming for alignment with NASILC's values. They devise engagement strategies, accentuate membership benefits, and prioritize inclusivity across diverse backgrounds. Subsequently, the committee handles the nominations process for key roles like board members and committee chairs. Using established eligibility criteria, they solicit nominations, and rigorously recruit candidates demonstrating leadership potential and commitment to NASILC's objectives to serve as Regional Representatives and NASILC Board Members.
Conference Planning – Chair – Carrie England
The Conference Planning committee is composed of Members and Executive Committee Members and works to research and secure the venue for the event. They plan the meals and food. They assist in securing the ASL interpreters and CART. They work with the hotels on accessible rooms and transportation for guests.  They also develop the program and post content to the NASILC website and Facebook page.  This committee works to determine the audio-visual needs that the presenters will have and ensures all conference materials are accessible and available in alternative formats. The Conference Planning Committee determines the topics and presenters. They work out the schedule of the agenda. They may send out a call for presenters and/or reach out to potential presenters to participate. Regional Representatives should serve on this committee if they are able to.
Advocacy/Outreach – Chair – Vacant 
The Advocacy and Outreach Committee works closely with the Chair and Vice Chair, and spearheads initiatives to raise awareness, promote causes, and enact positive change within NASILC. Through strategic planning, they develop campaigns, organize events, and engage with stakeholders to amplify their message. This committee fosters partnerships with like-minded organizations to broaden the NASILC reach and impact. By mobilizing resources and leveraging various communication channels, the Advocacy and Outreach Committee drives momentum for causes identified by membership and the Executive Committee.
Bylaws & Policies and Procedures – Chair – Brooke Wilson 
The NASILC Bylaws & Policy and Procedure Committee is dedicated to maintaining and updating the organization's bylaws, which serve as a framework for governance and operations. Tasked with ensuring alignment with legal requirements and organizational goals, they review, revise, and propose amendments to the bylaws as necessary. This committee conducts thorough assessments to address emerging needs and promote efficiency in decision-making processes. They provide guidance on bylaw interpretation and compliance, facilitating transparent and equitable governance practices.

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